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    Licence Questions

    I need help understanding the licence terms, do you have a simple guide to help me?

    Yes! Click here for a diagram overview which explains the basic terms of the licences.

    Can I use your graphics in commercial projects and my company branding?

    Yes absolutely! The Standard Licence which is the basic licence includes both personal and commercial use. You may use the Resources in multiple commercial projects. Should you wish to use the Resources on End Products for sale, you may sell up to 5 000 units collectively.

    Please note that the graphics or patterns (also known as the Resources) must be used as part of a wider design and not stand-alone. By adding text, backgrounds, other design elements, and overlapping elements, etc., you can create a unique design. Please see next question for further clarity.

    I want to sell End Products using your Resources, are there special requirements?

    As with all licences, there are terms and conditions attached. I know licensing can get really confusing which is why I created a user-friendly overview. But there are more nitty-gritty details that need to be mentioned, found below:

    • End Products must be significantly different than the original Resource purchased. You must combine the Resources with other creative elements to ensure licensed Resources are used within a wider design to form an Original Design. An Original Design would be something you put time, effort and skill to produce, ensuring the Resources are not the primary integrity of the Design or End Product. The Resources should be used to facilitate your creative expression resulting in unique work different from the original Resource purchased. The Resources may not be used stand alone (I offer an Enhanced Art Licence for most of my products should you wish to use the Resources stand alone).
    • End Products may not be used or sold in a way that is directly competitive with the original Resource you purchased.
    • Patterns purchased under the Standard Licence and Extended Licence may not be used stand alone. They may be used as backgrounds that form part of a wider design; as an overlay; or to fill a specific area within your Original Design. I offer an Enhanced Art Licence for my royalty-free Patterns should you wish to use them stand alone.
    • End Products may not be sold or supplied in a way that allows for third parties to easily extract the Resources.

    Do your licences allow for multi-users?

    All of my licences are single user licences only – meaning only the person who has purchased the product is licensed to use the Resources contained within the product. You are allowed to use these resources across 3 active devices as part of your licence. If you require a licence for a team, please contact me and I’ll set that up for you – I simply charge the product price times the amount of licences you need.

    I’ve created an Original Design with the Resources and combined them with other design elements, can I sell that design on Print-on-Demand (P.O.D) websites?

    Yes you may as long as you are selling a flattened design where the Resources cannot be extracted or edited/customised by a third party. For example a flat jpeg file is ideal. A layered PSD, vector file or transparent PNG file is NOT permitted. This means that the Resources may not be uploaded separately allowing the end users to edit and move the graphics – design must be uploaded flat.

    Fonts may NOT be embedded or uploaded to any P.O.D website, as this would allow for third parties to work with them who have not purchased a licence for the fonts.

    Can I use your Personalised Portrait Creator to create and sell portraits to my customers?

    Yes! But bare in mind licence terms apply when creating and selling End Products to customers. Please see Question 3 for further clarity.

    Here’s some quick guidelines to assist you with the terms:

    • You may use the portrait/s as part of a wider design in End Products for sale, like wall art prints, invitations, mugs, etc, and sell up to 5 000 units collectively.
    • To achieve the wider design, you can combine the portraits (or animals) with a background, text, flowers etc. Popping a pooch onto a background and selling it as wall art is not enough of a new Original Design.
    • You may customise each print/product you sell to your customers.
    • If your End Product is digital in nature, you will need to supply a flattened, non-editable file designed so that items may not be extracted by the end users.
    • You may NOT under any circumstances make any of the source elements, in part or otherwise, available for others to use and create their own portraits. Customers may not choose, design, create or edit their own portraits. Only you, as the licence holder, may use the product.

    Should you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Can I sell my own graphics I create using your Procreate Brushes (Add-ons)

    Oh hell yes! That’s why I created them 🙂 I want to empower you with tools that will help you create work you’re proud of. You may sell the artwork you create using any of my Procreate Brushes. As with all add-ons, there are no restrictions as to how many projects you create and how many items you sell that were created with the add-ons.

    Obviously sharing the original brushes and shapes is not permitted, but you know that already.

    Happy creating and selling!

    Can I sell my designs using the Templett app or other similar editing apps?

    Yes you may, but there are terms and restrictions that need to be adhered to under the licence agreement. You can find a handy overview here which outlines these terms of use. Should you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Please note fonts may NOT be uploaded and made available to end users within the Templett app. You may however convert the text to an image and use it within your flat design you upload.

    Can I sell a pre-designed logo to my customers in my online shop?

    Yes you may but again bare in mind you need to create an Original Design (see above) and you may not supply source files to your customer or supply it in a format that allows for easy extraction. The file needs to be supplied flat – .psd, .ai, and vector-based pdf files are NOT permitted. If you would like to supply a .png file, you would need to ensure the design of the logo doesn’t allow for easy extraction of the original Resource.

    What if I need to provide my client or printer with original source files?

    You are allowed to provide your printer with source files for the sole purpose of printing your work, provided that once the printing has occurred, the supplied files are deleted from their system. You are not permitted to provide a layered file to clients. Instead they should be provided with the final, flattened designs. If your client requires access to source files to make additional changes to the design, including the a vector file for a logo, for example, they will require a license of the graphic/font for themselves.

    How do I upgrade my Standard Licence to an Extended Licence or Enhanced Art Licence?

    Please pop me an email so I can set that up for you – the upgrade will be the cost minus the price of the Standard Licence you’ve already paid.

    Are there any restrictions for fonts?

    You can use the font:

    • To create stand alone phrase/quote art to sell on items like mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, stickers, etc.
    • In a logo design
    • To create Word art as long as they are being used as part of a wider design and not as a stand alone singular word

    You can’t use the font:

    • To create graphic flattened alphabets, letterforms, digital alphabets (alphas), embroidery fonts, die-cut patterns or stencil designs
    • To create an editable logo or website template available for resale
    • To embed on a third party/Print on Demand website where third parties are able to work with the font
    • To embed in an ePublication without obtaining an ePub licence, please contact me for more info.
    • To embed in a mobile or desktop app

    I make digital scrapbooking kits that include stickers and papers, can I use your graphics in my kits?

    Yes you may, but bare in mind the licence terms mentioned in Question 3. A new Original Design (see above) needs to be created on all your items including stickers, and files are supplied in a manner that doesn’t allow for easy extraction.

    For example, it is not permitted to use a resource on it’s own on a white background, the resource can easily be extracted and a new Original Design hasn’t been created. You may not include any source files or layered files, including, but not limited to PNG, PSD, AI, SVG or vector based PDF files. The graphics may not form the main integrity of the design or kit.

    May I digitize and sell embroidery files using your graphics?

    No, unfortunately you are not permitted to create cut files, embroidery files and appliqué templates from the Resources – this would be a form of redistributing the original artwork and end products of this nature are in contravention of the licence agreement.

    I noticed you don’t allow stamp creating with the Enhanced Art Licence?

    Yes that’s correct. Currently I have an exclusive licence agreement with a stamp manufacturer that permits them to use my work as is, in a stand alone manner. This means that unfortunately I can’t offer the same licence rights to another stamp company at this stage.

    If I purchase an Extended or Enhanced Art Licence, do I own the copyright and can I redistribute and sell the items as clip art or change the graphics and license the new image?

    No you may not. Even with an Extended and Enhanced Art Licence, you cannot redistribute these images as clip art or claim the item as your own for resale or licensing in any shape or form. By purchasing a license, you are purchasing the rights to use the resources, the items are not sold to you. I retain all copyrights to these graphics, fonts and patterns.

    Product Questions

    How do I get the latest update of a product I purchased?

    To access the latest files simply re-download the product zip file again. You have access to your orders anytime via your account. First login, then navigate to the Orders tab > click on View to access the download page and start the download.

    Help! I’m having trouble downloading my purchase. What can I do?

    Sometimes the smallest network interruption can cause havoc with a large file download which ends up being very frustrating for the person trying to download the file! Here are a few troubleshooting ideas to assist you:

    • Please verify that your Internet service plan allows you to download larger files, some products are over 3GB in size.
    • Please make sure that your computer doesn’t disconnect from the network if/when it goes to sleep, or the download will be interrupted. This will result in a corrupted .zip file that may not unzip, a .cpgz or .part file (signifying an incomplete or partial download), or cache errors on your browser.
    • Sometimes a quick clearing of the cache on your browser does the trick. Once you’ve cleared the cache, reload the download page and start the download again.
    • It might be worth using a download manager to minimize any problems downloading large files and would allow you to pause/resume the download.
    • Make sure that any virus software, firewall, or ad-blocker you’re running is not preventing the download from completing. Sometimes overzealous firewalls or even your corporation’s IT regulations can cause issues with downloads on our site.

    Finally, if you continue to experience issues, please do get in touch so that I can further assist you!

    How do I install a Procreate brushset?

    • You’ll need Procreate version 4.1 or higher to install .brushset files:
    • Contents need to be unzipped, you’ll need a desktop computer to do this.
    • Transfer files:

      Mac users (macOS 10.11 or higher): Use Airdrop to transfer the .brushset to your iPad.

      Windows users: Use a file sharing service (like Dropbox) to transfer the .brushset file. Open the Files app on your iPad, navigate to where you’ve saved the file. Tap on the .brushset file then click the small […] icon and click Export. Click Open In… and tap Copy to Procreate.

      Open Procreate. The brushes will automatically be imported into Procreate on their own in the relevant labelled brush sets.

      Repeat the process for each brush set file.

    IMPORTANT: DO NOT use the import function in Procreate found in the brushes panel – this is for individual brushes only and will not work for .brushset files.

    Here’s how to install a Brush set on Procreate Pocket:

    • Save the Brush Set on a cloud service, such as iCloud Drive or Dropbox.
    • Open Files app on your iPhone and navigate to the Brush Set.
    • Tap the .brushset file to open it in Procreate Pocket. The brushes will now appear in your Procreate brush library.

    How do I install a font?

    To use a font you have purchased, you first need to install it on your computer. Once you’re sure the downloaded is 100% complete. Double-click the download file to unzip. Locate the font file (the file extension should be .ttf or .otf). Then do the following depending on your operating system:

    Mac users:

    • First, close any open applications. Newly installed fonts may not appear in your font menu if you ignore this step.
    • Installing using Font book:
      • Double click the unzipped font file and Font Book will open a preview of the font.
      • Click “Install Font” at the bottom of the preview.
    • Manual installation:
      • Open Finder and click the Go menu at the top of the screen.
      • While in the Go menu, hold down both the Alt/Option and Shift keys on your keyboard to reveal the hidden link to the Library folder
      • Navigate to your Fonts folder: /Users/Your_Username/Library/Fonts
      • Drag and drop the unzipped font files into this folder.

    PC users:

    Windows 8 and 10
    • Unzip the folder containing the fonts first. Fonts cannot be installed if they are zipped.
    • Right click on the font file and select Install.

    For older versions of Windows, you can find info here.

    Once you’ve installed the font, relaunch your application and find the new font in your font menu.

    What software do I need to use your products?

    Each product lists the software requirements which you can find in the side bar of the product. Please be sure to check your software compatibility before purchasing the product.

    Most of my products include both vector and raster based files. If a product specifically lists the actual software needed, this is an absolute requirement, meaning, the set won’t work in other software not listed.

    If the set lists PNG and JPEG files included, these can be imported into most programmes, even MS Word, for basic design work. I recommend using the free online software picmonkey.com to create more advanced designs with the PNG files.

    I don’t have a Paypal account, can I still purchase your products with my credit card?

    Yes absolutely! You don’t need a Paypal account, you can use your credit card via their service without needing an account, or creating an account. Here’s how:

    1. At checkout, when redirected to PayPal select the option to pay with a debit or credit card – this usually shows up underneath the log-in prompt.

    2. A new window will appear, fill in your credit card and billing information, as well as an email address so PayPal can send you a receipt – depending on your country, detail requirements might be different.

    3. Once you click Pay Now, you will be prompted to create a PayPal account, you can just decline if you don’t wish to create one.

    Please note: If PayPal is not accepting your credit card, it may be that you already have an account linked to your card’s information, preventing payment with it without logging in. Furthermore, it may be that your country doesn’t support this kind of payment.

    General Questions

    Do you have any advice and recommendations for printing my family portrait once I’ve created it?

    There are quite a range of options – it all depends on your needs, the quality you prefer and whether you’d like to print via an online shop or a local walk-in shop.

    The large department style stores such has Walgreens, Walmart, Officeworks etc often have a walk-in service or online upload options. I would only use them for quick prints. If you’re looking for a higher quality print, I would rather opt for a more specialised shop where its core business is printing!

    There are some great online print shops that offer various options for wall art. Here are a few suggestions*:

    *Please note: I have no affiliation with the above companies, they are businesses I researched and thought you might find useful. I cannot guarantee the end results.

    Smaller dedicated print and frame shops often offer the best quality, so definitely look at your local printers too. If you need to get the files to a printer, simply download the file onto a USB stick from your computer. Or use a cloud service like Dropbox to upload and send the link to your printer. If possible, ask to see samples of previous wall art they have printed to give their quality a once-over.


    When saving your artwork for printing make sure you’ve saved it as a high resolution RGB JPEG file (300dpi) for best results.


    I recommend printing onto a think paper stock. For even better results, print onto a slightly textured uncoated card stock. This will give the finished print an authentic look that mimics an original art piece. I often print my work onto 300gsm watercolour paper, the results are fantastic!

    If you prefer a non-textured paper, I recommend a satin finish card stock. Going full gloss will give the artwork a printed photo look, unless that’s what you’re going for. Local print shops often offer a variety of paper stock and quality with sample prints for each. I recommend looking through their catalogue and choose the paper based on your preference.

    Hope that helps!

    Do you take on commission work?

    I’m thrilled that you are interested in my work! However, at this stage I’m not taking on commissioned work. I have a fairly large catalogue of products in my shop where you might find the perfect illustration for your project.

    How do you create your instagram videos?

    If I’m directly filming myself drawing etc, I use my camera video function then finish off the video in Adobe Premiere Pro.

    If it’s a screen recording showing how I work, then I use Quick Time Player to record my screen and finish off the video in Adobe Premiere Pro to speed up, or add audio and edit etc.

    And if it’s a combination of images, I take screen shots of my images one by one, then combine them in Adobe Premiere Pro to speed up and edit etc.

    Do you draw on paper or digitally?

    The short answer is both! Although I use Procreate on my iPad for my digital drawings, nothing beats traditional pencil on paper. Depending on the look I want to achieve, I either scan my original sketches in and clean-up in Adobe Illustrator, or refine my sketches on paper first, then vectorise in Adobe Illustrator. I often use Procreate to create texture and shapes which I then vectorise.

    Have a look at my Skillshare class that walks you through how I use Procreate and Illustrator together to achieve an authentic hand drawn look.

    Or if you prefer traditional pencil and paper, you might find this class useful.

    All my watercolour work is created traditionally (paint and brush on paper), then scanned, cleaned and background removed in Adobe Photoshop.

    What gadgets and software do you use in your work?

    I work mostly in Adobe Illustrator on a Mac, and Procreate on my iPad Pro. I use AstroPad to pair my iPad with my Mac and use the precision of the Apple pencil to do a lot of vector and Photoshop work.

    The iPad Pro I have is a 2016 9.7 inch. The screen protector I use for my iPad is the amFilm Matte Screen Protector which you can buy from Amazon.

    For scanning my hand drawn sketches and artwork I use a Cannon CanoScan 9000F MarkII. It’s quite a few years old already but it still does the job and produces really great scans.

    What Procreate brushes do you use on your iPad?

    I love the built-in 6B pencil that comes standard with Procreate. As well as the Shale and Gesinski Ink for adding colour. I also use my Character Drawing brushes a lot to save me time.

    I’m often asked which purchased brush sets are my go-to for adding texture, colour and effects to my work. So I teamed up with the lovely folks over at Design Cuts to put together a special bundle of the brushes I love using in Procreate, all at an amazing 50% off! Head over here to have a look!