Character Drawing Challenge #8: Old man on safari

Character design is a wonderful way to explore pushing the boundaries of anatomy. Using unusual shapes for body parts is not only acceptable but encouraged. By allowing yourself to step away from the anatomically correct shapes and use other geometric and organic shapes instead, often leads to fun results you just simply can’t achieve using conventional body proportions and shapes.

The Character Drawing Toolkits are a perfect way to stretch your imagination and use unusual shapes in your character drawing designs.

In this Character Drawing Challenge, I used a dumpy looking shape for the main body area to create a short, plump old man. If you’re looking to improve your drawing skills I encourage you to join in the challenge and commit to one character drawing each week.

You’re welcome to recreate my character as a practice round, or challenge yourself to create your own! The idea is to stretch your imagination, draw without judgement, improve your skills and, most of all, have fun!

You can decide to do a quick 5 minute sketch or a more completed piece – I’ll probably be doing a bit of both, depending on my available time 😊 So don’t over think this! You can spend as long as you want on it. But it’s a great way to practice, practice, practice!✏️

Below is a breakdown of the Toolkit I used, the final character I created and the shape I used to achieve it. Feel free to pin it for later!

Don’t forget to tag me or use the hashtag #letsdrawlisaglanz, can’t wait to see what you draw!

Don’t have the Character Drawing Toolkit yet? You can get it here >

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