The Cute Critter Creator

Imagine a graphic set filled with cute animals that you could customise with just a few clicks? No drawing skills required?

Introducing The Cute Critter Creator, an adorable character builder designed to help you create fun characters in seconds. Tailor-make your cuties to suit your creative projects perfectly!

Maybe you need a girl bunny for an invite, or a boy fox for a whimsical poster. It’s all possible with the delightful outfit options included. Simply dress your critter, add accessories if desired and you have yourself a sweet character ready to adorn your creations.

I’ve made sure to retain all the details in my drawings so your work will look authentically hand crafted. This set is perfect for greetings, invitations, apparel, logos, decor and so much more. I’ve also included some quirky extras that compliment the characters so you can design up a storm and have fun doing it!

The well organised layers make it super easy to use, plus I’ve included detailed instructions and some bonus tips on how to use your layers panel and more.

This set is perfect for a quick character creation, but also set-up that you can edit items easily like adding patterns to clothing for even more customisation.

A super versatile, cost effective fun set for only $20!


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