Digital drawing: Tips for sketching whimsical trees in Procreate

If you’re new to digital drawing I think you’re going to enjoy these tips for sketching whimsical trees in Procreate. This approach and technique is a great way to dip your toes into creating lovely sketches that still look hand drawn and full of whimsy!

Sketching foliage and trees can be intimidating. In this quick tutorial I’ll show you a quick technique on how to draw a lovely whimsical tree that can be applied to any shape or size tree.

The secret is adding sketched details and textures to simple shapes that instantly add interest to your drawing.

I’ll be using the new Plush Pencil & Dry Media brush pack for Procreate to sketch and add colour to the tree.

Grab your pencil and iPad and let’s draw!


  1. Joline

    Do you have any brushes for photoshop?

    • Lisa Glanz

      Hi Joline, not at the moment. Unfortunately I can’t get the same results in Adobe Photoshop as the brush engine is quite different and more sophisticated in Procreate. But it’s definitely on my list to try and create Adobe Photoshop brushes.

  2. lisidesigns

    I love this tutorial. Its very useful!! Thank you. Lisi

  3. Joan Orchard

    Hi, Lisa. I’ve completed 4 or 5 of your tutorials and would love to post them on my Instagram page (tagging you and giving you full credit, and referring people to you). Is this ok with you?
    Thanks, Joanie. @joanorcharddesigns.

    • Lisa Glanz

      Hi Joan,

      Congrats on completing the tutorials!! Yay! Yes of course I don’t mind at all! Feel free to show off your lovely work, I always love seeing what others create xx

      • Joan Orchard

        Thanks, Lisa!! I love your work and your tutorials!

        • Lisa Glanz

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