How to go from employed to freelance designer

When I was working as an art director for a large magazine company, I reached a point in my career where all I could think about was becoming my own boss! Although I loved my job, my dream to have my own graphic design business became my number one goal. Of course making a success of your own business doesn’t just fall into your lap. I knew the road ahead was going to be challenging, but I was up for it!

There are many ways to approach the transition of full time employment to freelance designer. I chose a fairly safe way to do it. I worked one half of the day for a small design studio while I grew my own freelance business in the other half. Call me a wimp, or call me sensible, but all I knew was I needed a safety net. Having a guaranteed small income meant I could throw myself fully into making my business work without the stress of worrying about not making ends meet.

In the latest episode of the Honest Designers Show, you can hear more about how I made my transition. Dustin Lee and Ian Barnard also touch on how they started their freelance careers. You’ll hear some key tips on how to ease your transition and help you through what can be a really difficult time of change in your career and life!

You can listen to the podcast here.


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