Exciting new update to the Portrait Creator!

Can you believe the first two months of 2018 are pretty much done and dusted! I usually take it easy over this period (our summer months), but instead I decided to put my head down and work hard on completing the latest update to the Portrait Creator. And I’m so glad I did!

I prioritised popular requests

With so many requests coming in, it was a priority to try and include the most requested items and make the kit even bigger and better for my lovely customers. And as always, the update is free to all existing customers! (Scroll down for instructions on how to access the update)

I’ll include a full list of items I’ve added below but before I do that, I have other exciting news. I’ve just launched the adorable Baby Portrait Creator!

This new custom Baby Portrait Creator is 100% compatible with the original Portrait Creator making little baby a perfect addition to your family portraits. Or simply use the new baby creator for sweet nursery art, birth announcements and more!

Why is the Baby Portrait Creator extra?

This is the first of hopefully many additional, fun add-ons that can be bought separately to enhance the main kit even more! I also plan to continue to make improvements and free updates to the main kit into the future. Add-ons I hope to create are occupation and hobby specific outfits and accessories, and a pregnant woman with some lovely outfits, just to name a few.

What’s new in the latest Portrait Creator update?

I’ve added 40 new dogs and 5 new cats to the set! If you’re an owner of the Cats, Dogs and Horses bundle you get the new pets too, absolutely free! (Scroll down for instructions on how to access the update)

New arm option for body type 2 and 3. Now all the adult body shapes have the additional arm position so they can be holding hands or flowers etc.

Baseball cap added to the man character and all the boy characters. I’ve also created new plaid patterns you can apply to clothing items.

I’ve updated the Woman body types to now have all the same outfits (excluding the woman with baby, this I’m hoping to add in the next update).

Sweet angel wings now included! Add angel wings to any of the characters.

How do I get the latest update?

If you bought the kit from my website shop, simply log into your account, navigate to “Downloads” and re-download the product files to access the latest version.

If you bought the set on Creative Market or Design Cuts, I will be rolling out the update on those sites in the next few days. You will be sent a notice when the update is live. To access the new files, log into your account, locate your Purchase History and re-download the product.

What if I don’t have an account on your website and purchased the kit as a guest on checkout?

You can pop me an email if you don’t have an account so that I can create one for you. That way you can always access your order at any stage. To assist you as fast as possible, please use Account needed as your email subject, and include your email address you used when you purchased the kit, thank you.

If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch. I hope you love the new update and continue to enjoy creating your custom portraits!


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    Will you ever put out a version that can be used with Programs other than Adobe illustrator? I really want to purchase this software but AI is just way too expensive now that you have to pay monthly.

    • Avatar

      Hi Dalena, I would love to be able to make this set more accessible to others that don’t have Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, but unfortunately I don’t know of any other app that can accommodate so many layers and complex groupings. But it is on my wish list to find an alternative so I’ll definitely keep looking and investigating 🙂

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    Yay!! Thanks so much!!

    • Avatar

      It’s a great pleasure!! XX Enjoy 🙂

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    Hi Lisa,
    Thank you so much!
    When do you think I’ll can download it from Designcuts?
    I’ve bought some of your kit like the BPC from your web but not this one.
    Thanks again. I adore all your job.

    • Avatar

      Hi Susana,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments 🙂 The update should be live on Design Cuts hopefully in the next week. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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    Love it!! Hoping you will have career outfits one day—like military 🙂

    Thanks for these awesome additions

    • Avatar

      It’s a pleasure Jennifer! I am definitely hoping to add a “career” type outfit add-on one day.

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    Can I use Adobe Photoshop Elements?

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      Hi there,

      The software requirements for this set is either Adobe Illustrator CS3+ or Adobe Photoshop CS3+. I have however been told by customers that the set works in Elements 2018 but I can’t unfortunately confirm that or offer customers support for Elements due to me not having the software to trouble shoot issues customers may be experiencing or guide them on how to use the software. Hope that answers your question. If you have any other questions at all, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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    Any idea on when a pregnant woman update will be added?? I get asked it all the time and I just don’t know how to modify the current ones to make it work! 🙂

    • Avatar

      Hi Melissa, I’m hoping to start working on the pregnant character in March. So if all goes well it will take about two months to complete 🙂

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    Hello Lisa,
    I just purchased the portrait creator for Illustrator. It came in a zip file that Illustrator does not recognize. I’m new to this and trying to figure out how to upload the portrait creator so I can begin using the program. Are there any tutorials that explain how to do this?

    • Avatar

      Hi Nicole,

      Thank you so much for your purchase, it’s much appreciated! I can definitely assist you with that 🙂

      The first thing you would need to do is unzip the zip file (usually just double-clicking will load your computer’s default expander). This will give you a new folder with all the available files for the kit. I would then recommend watching the comprehensive tutorial that takes you through the steps of creating your first portrait. You can view it here.

      You’ll also find a pdf file of instructions included in the kit. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy creating your portraits!


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