How to draw a cute bunny in Procreate

I often hop onto live drawing sessions with my good friends over at Design Cuts. In this session I walk you through a step by step process on how to draw a cute bunny in Procreate!

We’ll be using digital brushes from the Plush Pencil & Dry Media pack which adds a lovely soft delicate touch to our bunny.

Watch the full tutorial below. Or if you prefer watching on YouTube hop over here. Below are some useful links to the video chapters:

Hope you have fun creating your adorable furry friend. Happy character drawing!

2 thoughts on “How to draw a cute bunny in Procreate

  1. Oh my goodness Lisa this is the cutest and just in time for Easter. I now understand why you named this brush set ‘plush’. I can’t wait to use them to create my own characters. So little time so many ideas hahahaha.
    I really enjoy your tutorials, you are the best. XXX

    1. Haha!! Oooooh I know that feeling so well! I wish I had more time to get all my ideas out!

      So glad you enjoyed the tutorial! Hope you have creating your own little characters xxx

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