How to prioritize tasks when building a creative business

Understanding what tasks to prioritize as you build your creative business could make all the difference in achieving your goals much quicker.

As solo entrepreneurs it’s super important to spend your time wisely and ensure you’re focusing on items that actually move your business forward. We don’t have the luxury of delegating tasks and we often spend time on tasks that aren’t part of our core goals.

In todays Coffee and Cake Session, I answer a great question from Jen Danielson who is struggling to know how she should prioritize tasks as a Surface Pattern Designer. It can be overwhelming deciding on what to focus on when everything on your To-Do list seems important.

In this session I explain how to attach a value to each tasks which will help you focus on meaningful activities that grow your business.

10 thoughts on “How to prioritize tasks when building a creative business

  1. Hi Lisa
    This was super helpful. I’ve heard so many people say that you need an email list- but as you pointed out if it’s only reaching other artists, not buyers, its a low priority. Need to find where those pesky buyers are hiding! It’s far too easy to be distracted with things that feel like they are working towards your goals, but having to rate them 1-10 really puts a different perspective on it
    Thanks a million!
    Kate x

    1. So glad you found it helpful Kate! An email list is definitely a good idea but only a good idea if you are targeting your actual client base. I would rather focus on finding your clients first then understanding what you can do to attract more of those clients to your website, then create content for other potential clients. Best of luck!

  2. SUCH GOOD nuggets of wisdom, Lisa!! I get hung up on these details too and it stymies my progress and discourages me. I think that rating with a number of priority is an excellent idea and getting myself thinking about what is going to help me hit my main goals. Some good bits of wisdom there too from a person who has “been there, done that” before and knows the pitfalls of getting off into an unfocused ditch! Love the name of your sessions, Lisa (except, shouldn’t you have some coffee and cake?! Just kidding!)! Thanks for being so generous with your wisdom (as always!

    1. Haha! There was too much coffee and one too many biscuits already consumed before recording!

      Super happy you found this session helpful Liz!! It’s really easy to get distracted especially for us creative people, we just want to try everything that looks like fun to do. Keeping your main goals in focus is a great way to stay on track.

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