Let’s draw a chubby cat!

In this quick tutorial I’ll show you which brushes I used from The Character Drawing Toolkit to create this cute fat cat drawing!

The wonderful thing about character drawing is you can bend the rules! In this example, even though the body proportions are unrealistic the drawing still reads as a cat because I’ve used the basic elements we associate with cats – ear shape, whiskers, tail, and tiny nose.

Add additional hints to reinforce the character like fur, fur colour, and fur markings. Accessories can play an important role in conveying the story or emotion behind your drawing, in this case I used a tiny mouse to add humour in both size contrast and to enhance the cats worried expression.

Grab the Procreate brushes here!

2 thoughts on “Let’s draw a chubby cat!

  1. Character toolkit pretty amazing! Would you consider a tutorial Coloring the Chubby Cat?
    I would find seeing the process extremely helpful. Thank you for the consideration. Kate

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