Licence questions for the Personalised Portrait Creator

Recently my Personalised Portrait Creator has received a lot of interest in the photographic community. I’m so thrilled and excited about the enthusiasm and hope this ever-expanding kit will be beneficial to a photographic business.

I do however realise that licensing may be new to many photographers who seldom use licenced graphic art in their business.

So I thought I’d put together a quick post to clarify the most common areas of confusion and hopefully answer some of the frequently asked questions.

I sell my work on various platforms. Each platform has slight variations in the license terms. The Creative Market license, for example, is slightly different to my license. Bare in mind, the license of the marketplace where you bought the goods applies. So if you bought the kit off Creative Market, their license applies. If you bought the kit from my website shop, my license applies.

The main difference between my license and Creative Market’s license is with mine you can customised each unit you sell. Whereas with the Creative Market license you can’t. But the other restrictions, terms and conditions are mostly the same.

I’ll include some info below that will hopefully help you understand licensing better.

You can create end products for sale using the portrait creator under the Standard License, but there are a few things to bare in mind:

  • You may use the graphics from the portrait creator in One Commercial Project that could consist of several end products – a Project is defined as a complete and cohesive undertaking.

    An example of One Project with many End Products would be a wedding stationery suite that includes an invite, save the date, thank you note, menu, name tags, etc. These items all fall under the same concept and cohesive undertaking as they are related to the One Project. So you could create a wedding stationery design suite that includes a couple you created with the portrait creator. My license allows you to customize the couple in each sale of that design of which you can sell 500 units. Remembering that if you sell 500 units to one customer, then that’s the unit quota used up. Or you could sell 1 unit to 500 different customers.

    With Creative Markets license, you cannot customize your design. Each customised design is considered a new project, therefore a new license is required. My license however allows you to change-out the couple for each unit you sell. However, if you wanted to change the actual design not just the couple, that would be a new project, therefore new Standard License.

  • The same applies to wall art prints. My license allows you to change the family/people within the same design and sell 500 units of that. But the design needs to be the same for each.

    For example, as per required by my license, you need to combine other design elements with the portraits to create a new original design. The portraits cannot be used stand alone. You can achieve this by adding a background, flowers, text etc. So if you designed a family portrait with a gray background with white flowers added, a banner with the family name etc, you can change-out the actual people for each sale and sell up to 500 units. But if you wanted to change or adjust the background (background refers to the supporting items you are required to add, under the license agreement, that you use along with the portraits, like flowers, embellishments, text, background colours, textures etc.) , this is now a new project, therefore a new license is required.

    Again, Creative Markets license doesn’t allow for customization.

  • If you are selling a digital print, you would need to ensure that the graphics cannot be extracted. So placing them isolated on white is not permitted and they can’t be used stand alone, but need to be combined with other design elements as mentioned above. Layered and transparent PNG files are not permitted and no source files can be supplied to the customer.

  • In short, portraits need to be used within a wider design. But you can customize each portrait within the wider design for each customer under my license. If you change the wider design as well as the portrait, this would be a new project, therefore a new license is required.

The above applies to the Standard License. My Extended license allows you to use the portrait creator in multiple projects as well as sell unlimited units. The Creative Market Extended License however, only allows you to sell unlimited units, and not use the kit in multiple commercial projects.

For personal use, you can create and give away as a many as you like to friends and family. Remember, personal use means you are not gaining any commercial value in any shape or form. For example, a business promotional item still has commercial gain even if you are not selling the item and this would fall under the One Commercial Project therefore is not personal use.

Hope this helps clarify the license terms. If you are still unsure you might find your answer in the licence overview diagram or on my FAQ page. Should you need further assistance you can get in touch with me here.

6 thoughts on “Licence questions for the Personalised Portrait Creator

  1. Oh my, just saw your personalized family maker for the first time and other products. I just love them. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get this look with “people” images I’ve taken and have not been successful in converting my images in Photoshop or other programs to this look. I noticed that you have recently updated the set to include grandparents. My question is do you send updates to those who previously purchased the Personalized Family Creator? Will you be updating us in the future if you add to it?

    Also, I wondered if there is a Dashound dog image in the group.

    1. Hi Ruth,

      Thank you for your lovely comments about my work! So glad you find it useful for your needs.

      When I launch any updates I usually send an email out to my subscribers to let them know (if you have signed up, you’ll be the first to know). Customers can then re-download the product to access the latest files. If you bought the set on Creative Market, you will get an automated email letting you know there is an update, which you can download from your Purchases area.

      The set does include a dachshund, you can view the current set here.
      Hope that helps! Pop me an email if you have any other questions.

  2. Hi Lisa! I am excited to be purchasing your family portrait creator! In creating custom portraits for clients could this be used to sell on Etsy? If so is there a disclaimer regarding your materials that needs to be placed in the description such as (All designs created using Personalized Portrait Creator by Lisa Glanz) or what sort of disclosure do you require? Also in swapping out portraits for customers if you have say the family name in text above the portraits, would simply changing the name create a new commercial project or would it only be changing the font that does that? Thank you and I look forward to using your products!

  3. Hi Sidney,

    Thank you so much for your interest in my product! Yes definitely! You are welcome to sell your portrait creations on Etsy. There is no requirement to add a credit for me (although that’s always appreciated 🙂 But of course not necessary.

    You are also welcome to change the family name and font for each custom order, that would still fall under the One Commercial project, therefore your Standard Licence would cover that.

    Hope that answers your question. If you have any other questions at all, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

  4. Your Portrait Creator is AWESOME! I apologize in advance if you have already answered this somewhere else. I find licenses so confusing and I don’t want to do something I am not supposed to do! When you say that we need to add other elements and backgrounds to create an original design do these (elements/backgrounds) all need to be created by me or can use I use purchased elements? For example, say I have purchased other kits of yours or have elements from my photoshop artistry class (which are unlimited commercial use)? Could I use those with the portrait creator to create an original design? Or maybe used elements from various kits, but used my poetry as the design centerpiece? Thank you for your help 🙂

    1. Hi Alexa,

      No need to apologies! I know licensing can be confusing 🙂 To answer your question, yes absolutely! You can use other graphics from me or any other artist to create your new unique designs. The goal is to create new work that combines other graphics and resources, whether these are your own or bought from me or someone else, so that the original graphics aren’t used stand alone and that you’ve created new works of your own. Hope that answers your question. If you have any other questions at all, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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