Live Procreate drawing session 2020!

I love doing these live Procreate drawing sessions, despite my butterflies!

Even though I feel the pang of nerves before every live demo (I once read Bruce Springsteen does too before every concert, so it looks like we’re in good company!), I thoroughly enjoy doing them.

I get to hang out with you and share my tips and techniques I use in my work. It’s also a good excuse to draw something cute “just because” – not that we should ever need an excuse for that!

In this week-long Design Cuts live Procreate event, you’ll get a chance to join other fun live sessions that cover everything from hand lettering, lighting effects, drawing fur and much more!

In my live session I’ll be using brushes from The Instant Artist Collections to create a cute fox in a woodland scene. We’ll be adding texture to enhance the character and background and take the drawing from “meh” to something special.

Here’s a little preview…

Registration is 100% free!

Join me for my session on Thursday 27th, 2pm (BST). Hit the link below to save your seat and we’ll let you know when it goes live. You’ll also be notified when the recording is ready to view if you missed it.

I’ll be using a fairly restricted palette so we can focus on the texture and not fuss about colour. You can download the Procreate palette below so you can follow along.

>>Register here<<

>>Download colour palette here<<

And to celebrate the event…

Design Cuts is offering a 50% discount on 100+ Procreate brushes, including mine! Yay! But hurry, the offer is only valid for this week.

Super excited to see you at the session! 😊


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    Hi Lisa,
    Are we able to watch a recording of the live event? I can’t find it on the Design Cuts website.

    • Avatar

      Whoops – just realised I had to click on “register” and it pulls it up for me! Thanks!

      • Avatar

        Hi Lara, So glad you managed to get it sorted! Hope you enjoy the workshop. Happy creating 🙂


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