My journey from designer to becoming a full-time illustrator

I love sharing my story on becoming a full-time illustrator in the hopes it will inspire someone else to take the leap!

I had the privilege of being invited onto Diane Gibbs podcast called Design Recharge. It’s a weekly web show and podcast devoted to inspiring, connecting, and educating designers.

Diane interviews a wide variety of illustrators, designers and typographers to enable other creatives to learn, grow and be inspired by the story and knowledge of others. Each episode is available free online which is an amazing resource for both young and seasoned creatives.

I really enjoyed my chat with Diane, so much so that we did two shows! We spoke about my journey to becoming an illustrator and all the mental struggles I went through along the way. We tackle the difficult subject of self confidence and how I overcame some of my self-doubt, something so many of us deal with on a daily basis. We talk about a bunch of other stuff too related to design, illustration and daily challenges!

You can watch the first show here. And the second one here



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