My top tip for beginner illustrators

Recently I was asked if I would like to be part of an article that would be posted on The Creative Drum Blog. The article features South African illustrators and their top tip for illustrators just starting out. Those who know me well know I love blurting-out advice at any given chance, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity!

I had so much to say on the topic, but I managed to whittle it down to the following:

“See yourself as a brand. Think of how you would promote that brand, who your target audience would be and what message or style you want to convey. Be scrupulous in the selection of work you put out there. If you’re building a portfolio on creative platforms like Behance, only upload work you are proud of. It’s better to have one great piece than 5 mediocre items of work.

“Be yourself in all things you do, but be mindful of your interaction you have online, from what you post socially, how you reply to emails and what work you decide to show, it all contributes to the “brand” you are building.”

It’s an honour to be among the talented artists featured in the article, and Tom McCallum did a great job at selecting such a diverse mix of artistic styles. One of my favourite styles is the work of Justin Poulter. His pieces remind me of vintage comic books but with a really fresh, modern look. Check-out one of his portraits he did for Velocity Films.

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