Playful palette: ice-cream

I’m always drawn to cheerful palettes that remind me of the summers we had as kids.

One of the many chores I had growing up was gardening on most Saturdays with my older brother and sister. An activity we unanimously disliked!

But as a treat we were rewarded with an ice-cream after a hard day of grovelling in the dirt.

As the day dragged on, we’d eagerly listen for the sound of the afternoon ice-cream van coming down our road. I can still hear that little tune in my head!

Although the sound from the van was screechy and tinny it didn’t matter because not only did it mean delicious ice-cream after a hot day, it also marked the end of our chore. We’d wait for the “OK” nod from my dad then sprint like mad after the van. You’ve never seen three skinny kids run so fast!

The vans were often painted in pastel colours with giant swirly ice-creams on the side. This Playful Palettes reminds me of those little ice-cream trucks, a tradition we sadly don’t see anymore in our neighbourhoods. Something I really miss. Which is probably why I draw vintage inspired illustrations, a lot!

What’s your favourite summer memory?

Feel free to drag the colour chart below onto your desktop for future reference. Enjoy!

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