Playful palette: ice-cream

I’m always drawn to cheerful palettes that remind me of the summers we had as kids.

One of the many chores I had growing up was gardening on most Saturdays with my older brother and sister. An activity we unanimously disliked!

But as a treat we were rewarded with an ice-cream after a hard day of grovelling in the dirt.

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Playful palette: colour pop

I’ve always loved wearing bright colours, you know the kind that change your mood the minute you put on that apple red dress! Most of my summer wardrobe is brimming with lemon yellows, girly pinks and cobalt blues. My love for colour has been my companion throughout my design career, serving me well when I had my own freelance graphic design business.

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Playful palette: girly colour palette

This sweet colour palette works well for nursery art, greeting cards or a happy invitation design! One of my favourite colour combos is khaki and pink, it has that soft and hard play about it. Makes me want to grab my mouse and design something!

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Playful palette: summer colour palette

I’ve started sharpening my Procreate skills recently with a daily drawing challenge. I prefer to choose my colour palette upfront before I begin instead of dabbling with various options like I do when I paint or sketch on paper.

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Boho bliss

It’s no secret that I love all things bohemian. I often think that the Universe dropped me in the wrong era and I should have been born in the 60s. I have this overwhelming sense of connection with the care-free life of a hippie and always find myself drawn to bohemian fashion and decor.

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Editorial illustration for Click Magazine

Click magazine, a photography magazine for women and the modern photographer, runs a monthly competition which encourages their readers to get out there and take some awesome shots. They make it even more fun by applying a theme to each competition and offer great prizes to the winner.

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