How to sell digital products

As hosts of the Honest Designers Show, we’re often asked how we successfully make a living from selling digital products. The challenges and questions we hear from listeners vary slightly but ultimately it all boils down to one burning question, “How to sell digital products and make a living doing it!”.

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Knowledge bombs from Aaron Draplin

We’re extremely excited to have recently hosted a very special guest on the Honest Designers Show, Mr. Aaron Draplin!

Aaron is arguably one of the most respected designers in the industry, and a bit of a personal hero for all four of us who host the show. I haven’t had the privilige of seeing him live at one of his many talks, but he is undeniably a super engaging character and well liked in the industry.

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Nurturing a budding artist

What’s your earliest creative memory?

I remember sitting on the floor at our lounge coffee table drawing a giraffe. It couldn’t have been very good, I was only four at the time.

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Why being a designer rocks!

In Episode 22 of the Honest Designers Show we look at the positive aspects of being a designer. The four of us absolutely love what we do! Sometimes it’s important to stop and think about how awesome it is that we get to create and design for a living.

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Finding confidence in your creative work

Creating art for a living is a true privilege and extremely fulfilling. But the act of creating requires some level of vulnerability which could be cause for huge anxiety. Putting yourself out there for the world to see, and possibly criticize, can be daunting and scary. Sometimes even crippling.

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Why non-designers matter

So often as designers, we get totally wrapped up in our design that we forget all about the end user and how they’ll be interacting with our work. Some designers even make the mistake of designing with their peers in mind instead of their clients! They seem to care more about what their fellow designers think of their work than the client who is paying for the job.

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A look at the process of design

In this weeks episode of the Honest Designers Show, we talk about each of our design processes. We look at everything from the initial brainstorm, to the initial ideas, early stage designs, refinements, and final mockups. This is an insight into the workflow of four successful designers.

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Other ways to make money as a designer

If you’re a freelance designer, you’ll know all to well that income can be erratic! Some months are great, others not so great. But these days it’s pretty easy to add an extra stream of revenue as a buffer against those uncertain months. And if you’re full time employed, it’s a great way to save for that long-awaited holiday. View full article >

How to go from employed to freelance designer

When I was working as an art director for a large magazine company, I reached a point in my career where all I could think about was becoming my own boss! Although I loved my job, my dream to have my own graphic design business became my number one goal. Of course making a success of your own business doesn’t just fall into your lap. I knew the road ahead was going to be challenging, but I was up for it!

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