Create realistic digital watercolour paintings in Procreate with AquaReal.

A Watercolour Brush Collection designed to keep the painting process simple but deliver authentic results!

No more overwhelm!

With only the essential painting and blending brushes included, you’ll feel confident in selecting the right watercolour brush in Procreate every time. Combined with the unique stamps included, you’ll achieve realistic results that don’t require a degree in fine art painting!

Have fun applying the stamps to your paintings and play with clipping masks and blending modes to mimic that wonderful unpredictability of real watercolour.

The collection includes:

  • 8 Watercolour Painting and blending brushes
  • A beautifully soft sketch brush which is perfect for watercolour finishes
  • 29 Stamps that include real pigment blooms, splotches and sprays
  • 3 Lovely watercolour paper canvases designed to enhance your paintings

Turn off the paper layer on all three canvases included and still retain the texture within your painting, making it easier to isolate your image for post production.

With a growing library of tutorials including tips, techniques and project based lessons, you’ll master digital watercolour painting in Procreate in no time!

Watch how easy it is to create a beautiful watercolour leaf in Procreate in the introductory tutorial below

AquaReal – Realistic Watercolour Brushes For Procreate


Create gorgeous authentic digital watercolour paintings in Procreate, with the easy-to-use AquaReal brushes!

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Included in this Procreate Watercolour Brush Collection:

  • 8 x Painting and Blending brushes
  • 1 x Soft pencil sketch and detail brush
  • 29 x Watercolour Stamp brushes
  • 3 x Ready-to-paint Procreate documents with various paper textures: 3900px x 4950px
  • 15 x Procreate colour palettes
  • Quick reference guide to the brushes and palettes

Procreate brushsets: Version 5x.

Procreate brushes only.

24 reviews for AquaReal - Realistic Watercolour Brushes For Procreate

  1. Avatar

    Irina Davydenko (verified owner)

    Thank you so much Lisa! I just love this set, it’s perfect!❣

    • Avatar

      Lisa Glanz (verified owner)

      It’s a great pleasure! Thank you so much for your lovely review Irina. Happy painting!

  2. Avatar

    Dora Hietavirta

    I am using your Animal Drawing Kit with Affinity. Any chance I could use this brush set there?
    Thank you

    • Avatar

      Lisa Glanz (verified owner)

      Hi Dora, Unfortunately the brushes are only compatible with Procreate. I wish I could convert them for Affinity but unfortunately the brush engine in Procreate is quite different and a lot more intricate with the settings than Affinity so I can’t get the same results I’m afraid. Sorry that I couldn’t give you a better answer at the moment. If you have any other questions at all, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

  3. Avatar

    Cindy cookie

    Hi Lisa can I ask a questions?which fonts have you used to present these brushes (in the images)? Thank you.

    • Avatar

      Lisa Glanz (verified owner)

      Hi Cindy! I used Montserrat and Heritage Hope that helps!

  4. Avatar


    I just got a set by Media Jamshidi and it didn’t have any instructions about how to use. So I looked for in youtube, and I found your channel and your tutorial of YOUR brushes… And I think yours and hers brushes and the textures are so similar, I even feel weird about it to be honest. You should check … and it was sooo expensive in comparision…over $60 usd… I’d love that I could have found yours first. I wanna cry.

    • Avatar

      Lisa Glanz (verified owner)

      Hey Stephany,

      Awww! So sorry! I know how frustrating it is buying something then regretting it. I hope my tutorials can still assist you though. Thank you for the heads-up, I’ll be sure to check the brushes out.

  5. Avatar


    Hi Lisa, I just love this set for I believe it can get a lot of work done without a the clutter of too many brushes. But I don’t own an iPad and can’t spring for one anytime soon (so no access to Procreate!). So could you please please pretty please make a version of this one (and also the texture and instant artist sets, if possible) that is compatible with Photoshop or similar softwares. Love, Anashuya

    • Avatar

      Lisa Glanz (verified owner)

      Hi Anashuya,

      I wish I could convert them to Adobe Photoshop and other apps but unfortunately I can’t get the same results in those apps. The Procreate brush library is very different and more sophisticated (in my opinion) than Adobe Photoshop and other apps and I can’t recreate the brushes to the same level of quality that I would be proud to sell. Sorry about that!

  6. Avatar

    Emily M (verified owner)

    I am loving this brush set! My analog watercolor skills are frustratingly amateurish, but these brushes are just a joy to use. I can actually create what I imagine in my head.

    • Avatar

      Lisa Glanz (verified owner)

      Yay!! That makes me super happy Emily! Happy painting xx

  7. Avatar


    It is imposible to by, I tras severas time an i can t get it

    • Avatar

      Lisa Glanz (verified owner)

      Hi Isabel, I just popped you a quick email to get a bit more info regarding the issue you are experiencing at checkout so I can assist you further. You are also welcome to send me an email to [email protected]. Thank you.

  8. Avatar

    Célia Menezes

    Hi Lisa I’m your fan! I wonder if these brushes I can use in illustrator or photoshop! I love your job. I would like to be sure before buying! I’m brazilian using google translator

    • Avatar

      Lisa Glanz (verified owner)

      Hi Célia, Thank you so much for your lovely comments! These brushes aren’t unfortunately compatible with Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. They are only compatible with Procreate I’m afraid. Let me know if you have any other questions

  9. Avatar

    Ieva (verified owner)

    The watercolor brushes are so awesome!
    I fell in love with them the minute I tried them.

    Thank you very much 🙂

    • Avatar

      Lisa Glanz (verified owner)

      So glad you’re enjoying them! Thank you so much for your lovely comment, I really appreciate it. Happy painting x

  10. Avatar

    Tatiana Denise Ligorria (verified owner)

    I love it! All the details you can made. Thank you a lot!

    • Avatar

      Lisa Glanz (verified owner)

      So happy you’re enjoying the brushes Tatiana! Thank you so much for your purchase, I hope you continue to have many hours of fun painting with the brushes!

  11. Avatar

    Debbie Jane Lao (verified owner)

    Love the brushes. I’m currently using it for my lettering and really loving it! It also is inspiring me to try drawing with the brushes … hopefully someday! (: Thanks Lisa for your lovely products!

    • Avatar

      Lisa Glanz (verified owner)

      Fantastic Debbie! So glad you’re enjoying the brushes. Super happy you’re inspired to pursue your drawing skills! Definitely keep at it, it gets easier with each session

  12. Avatar

    Graham Landgraff

    I am into day 2 of adding more of your gifted product of hard work. I sadly purchased ‘Procreate’ alternatives because it falls flat in reproducing real watercolour-looking results. This is another Yay! Thank you for allowing joyful focus on creativity!

    • Avatar

      Lisa Glanz (verified owner)

      Fantastic Graham!! Super happy that you’re enjoying the brushes so far. Hope you continue to have fun with your painting sessions in Procreate

  13. Avatar

    Lateefah Malik (verified owner)

    Looks like illustrations are actually drawn using watercolours, amazing! Thank you x

    • Avatar

      Lisa Glanz (verified owner)

      Yay! Thank you so much Lateefah! Happy painting

  14. Avatar

    KRISTINA SAVASTA (verified owner)

    A good art friend of mine recommended me to get these brushes and introduced me to Lisa and her work last week, and I must say, they are by far THE BEST watercolor brushes I have purchased! I own about 5 different sets too, and the ease of use and variability makes these so diverse in what you can do. Easy to use and the tutorial is very helpful to give you ideas on how you can achieve different looks for your work. Very happy, and thank you Lisa!

    • Avatar

      Lisa Glanz (verified owner)

      Wow! Thank you so much Kristina! That means so much knowing you’re finding these brushes easy to use and giving you the results you want! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a wonderful and thoughtful review, it’s really much appreciated!

  15. Avatar

    Jennifer Nilsson (verified owner)

    Oh my STARS!!!! I have just had a small quick play with this brush set and am blown away! I can’t wait to get into a deep work session with them this week! AWESOME set, Lisa!

    • Avatar

      Lisa Glanz (verified owner)

      Thank you SO much Jennifer! I really appreciate your amazing review and support, it means the world!! Can’t wait to see your creations!

  16. Avatar

    serafineb (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness! I just love this set, Lisa! Thank you for this release and the tutorial!

    • Avatar

      Lisa Glanz (verified owner)

      Super happy you love the brushes!! Thank you so much Many more tutorials to follow soon xx

  17. Avatar

    Nicola Mackenzie (verified owner)

    I can’t believe how amazingly good these brushes are. I’ve bought several Procreate watercolour brush sets, but these are just SO realistic they’re simply wonderful. Fabulous canvases and the palettes are just beautiful. Thank you so much Lisa. I adore them 🙂

  18. Avatar

    Sandra Pick (verified owner)

    Lisa, your AquaReal-Set is amazing!!! I was looking for so long to have a possibilty to do my watercolor illustrations in a digital way… but there were no brushes, that made me really happy. After reading your announcement on Instagram, I was sure, I NEED THESE BRUSHES!!! This morning, I bought and installed them and only after some minutes using them, I can tell you: YOU MADE MY DAY!!! I LOOOOOVE THEM!!! Thank you!!!

  19. Avatar


    This set is FANTABULOUS! I love watercolours but never managed to do something decent with them. Until now. The brushes are fantastic, the colour palettes are divine and the canvases are perfect! Thank you Lisa! It’s another fantastic product!

  20. Avatar

    Lois Peterson, It’s By Design

    I’m just starting out with Procreate and these brushes have so much potential. And the instruction video is SO good! Now I just have to practice, practice!

  21. Avatar

    Ann Brown (verified owner)

    FINALLY!!!! I can’t tell you how many Procreate watercolor brush sets I’ve purchased. I’m uninstalling them all! Thank you Lisa for an amazing set of brushes that actually, really let me create what’s in my head. They are very intuitive and I am thrilled with what I’m able to make in literally minutes. You are AWESOME!

    • Avatar

      Lisa Glanz (verified owner)

      Wow!! That’s the best compliment Ann!! Thank you SO much for your incredible feedback and comments, I really appreciate it. I hope you have fun creating your artwork and enjoy translating your visions onto the canvas Happy painting!

  22. Avatar


    Fab video. Lisa. Really shows us how to use the brushes. So useful, thank you! Like all your brushes, I’m going to purchase, even though I told myself I would not buy any more brushes. When you create a set, it’s a must-have!

    • Avatar

      Lisa Glanz (verified owner)

      Aw!! Thank you so much Vicki! I really appreciate that. I’m honoured you’re willing to break your ban of brush purchasing! Hope you enjoy using them. Happy painting!

  23. Avatar


    Only by looking at the exaple images and the introductory tutorial I. AM. THRILLED! These brushes look so much like real real watercolor. I can´t imagine how much time you spend on perfecting the look and feel of this brushset. I am going to buy them right now because i just have to.
    Thanks Lisa for your dedication. I really appreciate what you have done here (and with your other brushsets, textures… of course, too).

    • Avatar

      Lisa Glanz (verified owner)

      Wow! Thank you so much Miriam! I truly a appreciate your thoughtful comments. I’m so thrilled you think the brushes look real (you’re right, I probably spent waaaay too much time on these! But it was sooo worth it ) Thank you so much for all your support xx

  24. Avatar

    Alice_Z (verified owner)

    Got this with no doubt in the first hours after release, the brushes are amazing and feel so natural just as real watercolor. Thank you so much, Lisa, for one more incredible product, absolutely in love with it! 🙂

    • Avatar

      Lisa Glanz

      Thank you SO much Alice!! Your kind review means the world to me. I’m super thrilled you love the brushes and that they feel real, that’s makes my heart sing!

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