• A sweet and happy collection of adorable Cats, Dogs and Horses!

    These furry pets come from my Personalised Portrait Creator, made available as a separate product. And as a bonus, any updates I make to the pets on the Portrait Creator, you’ll get them too!

    Creating animal lover apparel and designs couldn’t be easier. With over 165 animals included, there’s loads of cuties to choose from. Perfect for quote art, greetings, apparel, and so much more!

    I've also labelled each dog so you don't have to guess the breed!

    No fancy software needed, because all elements are supplied in PNG. And for those who prefer vector, I’ve also included layered Adobe Illustrator files for more customisation and flexibility.

    A full list of items included and software requirements can be found in the sidebar.

    If you have any questions at all just drop me a message, I'm happy to help!

    Have fun and happy creating!



  1. Diane Deane

    Just what I was looking for thank you

    • Lisa Glanz

      Glad you like the bundle Diane! 🙂

  2. otzenmia

    Can’t wait to use this! A family portrait is never complete with the beings that love us unconditionally.Your art really gives them personality. If you should ever get the time, my big wish is for a border terrier to be added to the bundle so my Archie can get his true look. At the moment I just adapt the terrier yorkie which works fine as well 😉

    • Lisa Glanz

      I totally agree! My little pooch is the first family member I include in my portraits! Thank you for your suggestion, I’ve added a border terrier to my growing list of breed requests. Happy creating!

  3. John

    Really love your work, found on Creative Market – about to create some “portraits”for all our staff for our website! Tempted, too, by your dogs bundle, to show our “official greeter” – Poppy the Irish Doodle (Setter/Poodle cross). No specific Irish Doodle in the pack (a dreadful oversight in my entirely biased opinion ;-)), but I think the golden-doodle might be close enough with a bit of recolouring. Keep up the great work!!


    • Lisa Glanz

      Thank you so much John for your lovely comments about my work! Hehe! Had to laugh at my dreadful oversight 😉 Hopefully I can add an Irish doodle to the set in future! Happy creating your portraits.

  4. kristy

    Do you have any tortoises & turtles in any of the packages? thanks

    • Lisa Glanz

      Hi Kristy,

      Unfortunately not at this stage, but it is on my list to create a set with bunnies, tortoises, chickens etc. Hopefully will be in the next few months 🙂

  5. jenni

    I would love to see the breed shar pei added , please

    • Lisa Glanz

      Hi Jenni,

      I have just added that to my wishlist 🙂 I try and include the most requested items in the upcoming updates.

  6. Robin Maryon

    Hi, I’ve got these pets in the Portrait creator, can I just add to the request for more standard pets in there. Rabbits, hamsters etc – maybe even goldfish, tortoise, guinea pig?. Thank you for the brilliant work.

    • Lisa Glanz

      Hi Robin,

      Thank you for your suggestions, those are all on my wishlist 🙂 Hopefully in the near future I’ll be able to add those. Thank you for your lovely comments! it’s much appreciated.

  7. ednaoc08 (verified owner)

    Oi, não tem o meu Pitbull só agora senti falta 🙁

    • Lisa Glanz

      Hi there, not sure if Google translated your comment correctly, but I’m sorry to read that you are missing your Pitbull. I do hope to add more dog breeds in the future to the pack.

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Cats, Dogs and Horses clipart bundle


A lovely clipart bundle of adorable cats, dogs and horses!

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Commercial Licence: Licencing Info
Adobe Illustrator and PNG

You’ll receive over 165 pets, including:

  • 50 cats
  • 40 small dogs
  • 35 medium dogs
  • 33 large dogs
  • 10 horses
  • Vector files: Adobe Illustrator CS3 or newer.
  • Raster files: PNG files can be opened with most photo editing software – please check your software for compatibility.