• Introducing the Adobe Photoshop version of The Magic Canvas! Instantly add texture and transform your digital art in seconds!

    Ten carefully crafted pre-made Photoshop files enriched with texture and overlays that save you hours! Looking for the Procreate version? You can find it here.

    Watch the product overview for Procreate below - now available for Adobe Photoshop (this listing is for Adobe Photoshop)

    Enhance your digital art in an instant!

    Driven by my quest for adding authentic texture to digital artwork, The Magic Canvas was made from real source material and many hours of tweaking and perfecting.

    Each of the 10 canvases have been developed and created to produce different results, making adding texture as simple as turning on the layers.

    They're super easy to use, simply open the Adobe Photoshop document, start drawing on the "Draw Here" layer and watch how your work has instant texture.

    Use any of your favourite brushes! Transform simple flat areas into something interesting. Adjust the intensity of the textures by modifying the opacity of the texture layers. Or turn layers off that you don't need.

    Breath new life into old work - simply paste your work into the pre-made documents. Have fun experimenting with the different finishes and watch your work transform like magic!

    Canvases are high-resolution at 300dpi measuring at 3900px x 4950px (13" x 16.5" or 330.2mm x 419.1mm).

    A full list of items included and software requirements can be found in the sidebar.

    If you have any questions you might find your answer in the Help Area, or feel free to drop me a message, I'm happy to help!

    Have fun and happy creating!


The Magic Canvas: Adobe Photoshop texture overlay documents


Instantly add artistic texture and speed up your workflow in Adobe Photoshop!

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Adobe Photoshop documents only

Included in this Adobe Photoshop Document Collection:

  • 10 x Pre-made Adobe Photoshop canvases each with their own unique textures and finishes
  • Available in 3900px x 4950px at 300dpi
  • Adobe Photoshop