Join me for inspirational creative classes packed full of techniques to help you become a better artist


My easy-to-follow courses are designed to help you flourish and improve your skills without the stress


I’m a full time illustrator with a devoted eagerness in helping others achieve their creative goals. In addition to creating professional digital tools for artists like you, I love teaching and sharing my knowledge I’ve gained both as a business owner and artist.

If you’re here I’m guessing you’re a lot like me! You’re creatively curious, hungry to try new things and want to better your skills.

But sometimes putting pencil to paper (or iPad) can be stressful – you may feel intimidated, or don’t always know where to start!

I’m here to change that!

Learning to draw or sharpening a particular skill can, and should be fun. My classes are designed to take the stress out of learning whilst teaching you skills you’ll use throughout your creative journey.

I love Lisa's style of teaching!

Her presentations convey a sense of joy and enthusiasm and a sincere desire to help anyone have fun with drawing/texturing/colouring.

Wonderful class!

Lisa is a brilliant teacher, knows a lot of little tricks and hacks to make your workflow easier. She also really manages to make you feel comfortable and safe, passing on the pleasure of drawing and creating.

The most beautiful class I‘ve seen lately!

I love your combination of drawing and designing instruction.