How I set-up my social media templates for quick creating

Setting up templates for documents you need to create often, like social media posts, can shave hours (if not weeks) off the time you spend in the office.

Organising your computer files, creating templates, labelling and naming items properly according to a system can save you weeks. You don’t need a complicated system, mine is very simple yet very effective.

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Character Drawing Challenge #54: Dad and son

The beautiful bond of Dad and Son! Okay, this one’s results ended up COMPLETELY different to my original intention!

I was going to draw a tall man by elongating the original shapes. Started sketching and before I knew it I drew a bear’s head then used the torso to guide me to draw the son. That’s why I love using these shapes as a starting point even if it’s just to warm up, you never know where your imagination takes you!

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