Playful palette: forage

This yummy colour palette is probably one of my favourites and one I use the most often. It has all my standard go-to colours I gravitate towards when designing – I have to talk myself out of using mustard as a background colour EVERY time I create something. This time mustard won the battle!

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Playful palette: citrus flavour

Lately I’ve been using a lot of inky brush strokes in my work mixed with strong colour palettes. Similar to my Ink & Brush Botanical Collection. I love the loose nature of the shapes and how a simple suggestive stroke can actually reference a well known shape our brains recognise. It’s fun to push the […] View full article >

Playful palette: bunny-licious

Another fun palette that’s super versatile! In this Playful Palette I wanted to show the fun results if I interchanged the focus colour. Although the cute bunny is pretty much the same illustration, each colour combo has a different personality. It’s always exciting and interesting to see how colour has such an impact on an […] View full article >

Playful palette: ice-cream

I’m always drawn to cheerful palettes that remind me of the summers we had as kids.

One of the many chores I had growing up was gardening on most Saturdays with my older brother and sister. An activity we unanimously disliked!

But as a treat we were rewarded with an ice-cream after a hard day of grovelling in the dirt.

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Playful palette: colour pop

I’ve always loved wearing bright colours, you know the kind that change your mood the minute you put on that apple red dress! Most of my summer wardrobe is brimming with lemon yellows, girly pinks and cobalt blues. My love for colour has been my companion throughout my design career, serving me well when I had my own freelance graphic design business.

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Knowledge bombs from Aaron Draplin

We’re extremely excited to have recently hosted a very special guest on the Honest Designers Show, Mr. Aaron Draplin!

Aaron is arguably one of the most respected designers in the industry, and a bit of a personal hero for all four of us who host the show. I haven’t had the privilige of seeing him live at one of his many talks, but he is undeniably a super engaging character and well liked in the industry.

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