How to use the free clipart set: Bear’s Little Adventure mini scene creator

Have you grabbed your free copy of Bear’s Little Adventure yet? Head over here to access the Treasure Trove and get your free mini scene creator!

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to change the colour of the individual graphics in both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I’ll show you how to add other graphics to the scene creator and walk you through some of the goodies included in this free graphics pack.

With just a few clicks, you’ll be customising your scene to create the perfect whimsical illustration for your next project.

This little set works great for baby shower invitations, announcements, a quick personal card for a friend, wall art and so much more! And it’s all 100% free to my subscribers to use in commercial or personal projects.

If you enjoy using this mini creator, you might like my other my more comprehensive Creators. This free pack gives you a small taste of the design possibilities and ease of use when it comes to building up your scene. If you’re new to Adobe software, my Creators are a great way to learn the basics and have fun doing it!

Get your free copy of Bear’s Little Adventure mini scene creator here.

Layers panel guides mentioned in the video:

Have you tried my Magical Scene Creator? It’s a humongous set of a whopping 19 creators! From enchanted underwater scenes to adventurous sky creation, this pack has it all. Whether you’re a professional or hobbyist you’ll love using this kit as you watch your magical world creations come to life with just a few clicks! Grab the enormous value-added kit here.


6 thoughts on “How to use the free clipart set: Bear’s Little Adventure mini scene creator

  1. Lisa, you really are AWESOME! Thank you very much for creating and sharing this cute freebie! It’s great that you offer your work in different file formats (for AI, PS, Affinity Designer and as PNGs)! The videos and tutorials are also much appreciated! THANK you!

    1. Hi Doodle!

      It’s a great pleasure my friend! I love sharing my work with you and it makes me happy that you enjoy using it xxx

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