Nurturing a budding artist

What’s your earliest creative memory?

I remember sitting on the floor at our lounge coffee table drawing a giraffe. It couldn’t have been very good, I was only four at the time.

But I vividly remember the sensation of feeling accomplished and proud. I truly felt my little scribbles were a masterpiece!

As we get older, so many of use lose that connection we have with our creative self. We forget how to just make stuff for the fun of it, or feel self conscience to share what we create for fear of being ridiculed! Which is a shame given all the benefits we experience when we create.

I believe nurturing creativity is important and beneficial even if you don’t take up a career in the arts. There are so many areas of your brain that get exercise when we create, like problem solving, lateral thinking, visualisation, hand-eye co-ordination, etc which can benefit a lot of other careers too. Which is why we decided to tackle this topic on the podcast.

In the latest episode of the Honest Designers Show we chat about our formative years and how important it is to encourage creativity from an early age. The guys even managed to get me to talk about what I was like at school!

You can listen to the episode here.


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