Playful palette: adventure awaits!

This is not the colour palette I initially created for this sketch. It had tones of olive green and ivy green which worked ok, but didn’t convey a certain feeling I was after. But with a little playing around I finally landed on this gentle palette that helped enhance the little critter, and add an extra magical touch to the illustration.

As with most of the other Playful Palettes, this sketch started out as one of my 5 minute drawings. If you’re trying to improve your drawing skills or need to inject new energy into your sketching time, I highly recommend taking up a challenge of your own. Something that requires a daily practice but without any stress or end goal. It’s been super beneficial for me so far.

Drag the colour chart below onto your desktop for future reference. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Playful palette: adventure awaits!

  1. Please, please, please offer this darling mouse as downloadable wall art! This rodent fan finds him/her absolutely adorable.

    1. Yay for us rodent fans! 🙂 I will definitely be adding this to my art print section, hopefully in a few days time.

  2. Could the future possibly hold a set of adventurous rodents? Just an idea/wish. Also, I really appreciate the Playful Palettes and that you include the RGB numbers.

    1. So happy you like the Playful Palettes! You never know, there may be an adventurous rodent collection floating around waiting to be created!! 🙂

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