Character Drawing Challenge #56: Swimming Lessons

Swimming lesson! Even though Little Mouse was very excited about his swimming lesson he still felt a little scared inside.

Each week I’ll be creating a character using one of my Character Drawing Toolkits. If you’re looking to improve your drawing skills I encourage you to join in the challenge and commit to one character drawing each week.

Below is a breakdown of the Toolkit I used, the final character I created and the shape I used to achieve it. Feel free to pin it for later!

Shapes I used from the Character Drawing Toolkit: Heads: Bear & Standard Cheeks, Ears: Mouse

Colour applied with Delicious Texture Brushes

Don’t forget to tag me or use the hashtag #letsdrawlisaglanz, can’t wait to see what you draw!

Don’t have the Character Drawing Toolkit yet? You can get it here >


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    I’d love some help with colouring. I have your character and people toolkits and the delicious textures brushes but I don’t have a clue what I’m doing!

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      Hi Toni,

      So sorry I missed your comment! I would recommend copying my sample illustrations initially to practice and learn. You can use the same palette I used for the character drawing challenges to get comfortable using the brushes. Keep it simple in terms of choosing one or two brushes for the illustration – for example, choose a sketching brush to the linework then one or filler brushes for the colour of your character.

      I also have some palette ideas on my blog which you can find here.

      In general I would always just start simple, don’t try to apply too many texture brushes at first, this will just feel overwhelming. As you gain confidence you’ll fell comfortable experimenting more and using the other texture brushes on your piece. And stick to a simple colour palette so you don’t overthink the colour choices.

      Hope that helps!


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