Digital watercolour techniques: How to paint a butterfly in Procreate

In this Design Cuts Live Session, I walk you through a step-by-step process on how to paint a watercolour butterfly in Procreate. I cover some important techniques and tips you can apply to your digital painting.

Even if you’re new to digital painting, you’ll learn how to apply simple techniques to your digital watercolour paintings and harness the powerful Clipping Mask feature in Procreate.

I use one of the many colour palettes included in the AquaReal brush collection so you can easily follow along. We’ll be using both the painting and stamp brushes included to enhance the butterfly.

Grab your copy of the AquaReal brushes here.


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    Hello Lisa,
    I have watched the grey butterfly tutorial and would now like to follow along and do it but I cannot find the tutorial again. Help! Where do I access it? The link takes me to a totally different page. ‍♀️

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      Hi Pennie, the tutorial is included in the video on this page (just above the comment section), the butterfly starts about 10mins into the video. Hope that helps!


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