How to paint a cute dog in Procreate – digital painting tutorial

Learn to paint a cute dog in Procreate using the all-new Messy Paint Box brushes for Procreate!

The best way to familiarise yourself with Procreate brushes is to use them in actual projects!

In this introductory tutorial for The Messy Paint Box, we’ll be painting a cute dog using the free colour swatches included in the brushset – be sure to install those first before starting the tutorial so you can paint along with me.

If the style is new to you, I encourage you to allow yourself some experimental “playtime” and paint without restrictions or aiming for perfection.

This collection is perfect if you’re trying to introduce a looser style to your work and ease off trying to produce “perfect” artwork.

Let’s paint!

how to paint a cute dog in procreate


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    This kit is so much like you are actually hand painting it, I am enjoying it so much !!!! I recommend every one to sign up to Lisa’s address list so you never miss one one of her fantastic launches !

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      Awww! Thank you Tracy! Really appreciate your amazing comments, means so much!! Super happy you’re enjoying them, happy painting xx


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