An inspirational creative spirit!

Recently my friends over at Design Cuts celebrated their 3rd birthday (Happy Birthday Design Cuts!). They invited the community to design a birthday card using resources they’ve purchased from their market place. One of the prizes offered for their favourite design was an hour chat with me, which is always such an exciting thing to do because I get to meet one of the awesome community members, and in this case, it was Judi Robinson!

I loved my chat with Judi, she’s such an inspirational woman! She is a mother of five daughters who has cultivated this wonderful creative spirit in her family. Together they started a blog called Creative Little Women which is a little peek inside their artistic world. They also have a shop on Etsy where they sell beautiful hand crafted jewellery as well as printable sewing patterns for you to enjoy creating something yourself.

Some of the activities they enjoy are photography, painting, sewing, baking, knitting, decorating and video making. What fun! Sounds like the kind of family I want to hang out with!

Judi has more exciting creative plans up her sleeve which I can’t wait to see unfold. This was her birthday card submission, I can see why she won!

Inside info: Some of the resources Judi used to create the card come from my new set exclusive to Design Cuts called The Enormous, Authentically Illustrated All-in-One Toolbox.

All-in-One graphic design toolbox by Lisa Glanz


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