Let’s draw a character called Norbit!

A quick character drawing tutorial using the Character Drawing Toolkit. This time we draw Norbit!

Norbit loves his job. He especially loves solving complex problems and his 10am coffee break where he treats himself to a choc-chip cookie.

Remember to have fun and enjoy the drawing process, your work will feel more natural and translate better from your head onto paper, or the iPad in this case. 🙂 Happy doodling!

Grab the Procreate brushes here!

2 thoughts on “Let’s draw a character called Norbit!

  1. Very wonderful tutorial! I’m super new to drawing, I’d really love to see more tutorials especially with coloring. I’ve watched your video on Skillshare but I need to watch it more. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m going to try more sketches.

    1. Hi Nicole, So glad you enjoyed the tutorial!

      I am hoping to start creating tutorials that focus on adding colour too 🙂 Keep drawing and experimenting! Happy creating 🙂

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