Pillowbook: my new font has arrived!

I’m very excited to present my new font called Pillowbook! It’s been a long-standing ambition to create my own typeface and after much research, many, many hours of work… testing and more testing, my font is ready to hit the world of typography!

All font designers will tell you, you need to start with the personality of the font and what it is you’re trying to convey. I wanted a romantic flavour with a mixer of vintage and modern calligraphy which would be perfect for a project that needed an authentic hand drawn touch. So I got cracking. I gotta tell you, it took many attempts at the style of the characters to finally get the look I was after.

But I’m extremely pleased with the results! And have already put the typeface to good use in a few designs. If you’re thinking about attempting to design your own font, I highly recommend it, but be warned, it’s very tedious work, but the results are very rewarding! My mind is already packed with ideas for my next font!


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