Procreate for beginners: how to draw a bold botanical bouquet

Learn how to draw a lovely bold botanical design in just a few minutes, a quick tutorial perfect for Procreate beginners.

We’ll first plan our design using one of the shapes from the Character Drawing Toolkit. Then move onto applying bold colours to create a modern botanical bouquet.

Using just one of the brushes from the Instant Artist Brush Collection, you’ll learn how to effortlessly create petals and leaves rich in brush stroke texture. We’ll use a limited palette that’s bold and bright.

Feel free to use the above image to create the same colour palette in Procreate. Happy creating!

4 thoughts on “Procreate for beginners: how to draw a bold botanical bouquet

  1. I am not having any luck using the deliciously inky brush. I tried the both sets of brushes thinking that my iPad was older than I thought. I get nothing like what is demonstrated. Not sure why.

    1. I think I have worked out part of the problem. I was working on a canvas that was to small. The brush works better at the size you recommended rather than the 7×5 inch size I was working with.


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