How to draw (and digitally paint!) a cute little dog in Procreate

In this fun tutorial you’ll learn how to draw and paint a cute little dog in Procreate using a variety of shapes and brushes.

I’ll walk you through building your framework for the pooch using the Character Drawing Toolkit. From there we’ll sketch out our basic form, then move onto adding colour.

This time we’ll be using the AquaReal watercolour brushes to add colour. Digital painting doesn’t have to be scary! I’ll show you some simple techniques you can use in your painting to add colour variation and interest to your little dog.

Excited? Let’s dive in!

4 thoughts on “How to draw (and digitally paint!) a cute little dog in Procreate

  1. Such a lovely tutorial.I have to admit, that I´m sometimes overwhelmed with all the features and possibilies of all the brushes and stamps. Your tutorials help me a lot to focus a bit more and to remind myself, how I use them properly ;o)

    1. Hi Anja,

      I completely understand, being new to a process can be quite overwhelming which is why I hope to offer many more tutorials in the future to help those at the beginning phase. So glad that you found this one useful!

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