Create gorgeous custom portraits in seconds!

This tutorial takes you through a step-by-step process on how to use the Personalised Portrait Creator to create your own unique custom portraits in minutes!

If you need a little help combining your portraits into one document once you’ve created them, pop over to this tutorial.

Easily creating unique, hand drawn custom portraits that will wow your clients, impress your family and friends and even jazz-up your blog.

I’ve updated the set to include children and pets, which means creating a custom personalised family portrait couldn’t be easier.

The set is available in my shop which you can find here.

61 thoughts on “Create gorgeous custom portraits in seconds!

  1. Hey, I’m not seeing a lot of the options in the pack I just bought that you have in your video. For example: jeans & tank top, any of the dresses, leggings, eyes, mouth, etc. Am I missing something?

    1. Hi Mary, the update will go live tomorrow (19th) on Creative Market, so you will definitely be getting all the new goodies free as you are already an owner of the kit πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Lisa
    I’m loving the Portrait Creator – my daughter and I have had great fun creating many of our family members and friends. I am having trouble figuring out how to collect family members together in one picture and use the backgrounds. I didn’t see this covered in the instructions or in the tutorial. Can you explain how to put multiple people in the one image? Thanks very much. Dallas

    1. Hi Dallas,
      So happy to hear you and your daughter are enjoying the Portrait Creator! Combining your portrait into one document can get a little tricky especially in Photoshop given all the layers. So I’ve put together a quick tutorial that takes you through that process. You can find the new tutorial here:
      Hope that helps! If you have any other questions at all, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

  3. HI,

    I saved these portraits as Jpegs but when I go to upload them to walgreens or shutterfly they say there is an error and that type of jpeg isn’t supported? How should I save them so they can be printed? Also is there a better place to print them?

    1. Hi Bryana, It’s more than likely the colour mode that Shutterfly doesn’t β€œlike”. So under the Menu Image > Mode, make sure you have converted the colour mode to RGB and resave your jpeg and try again.
      That should do the trick πŸ™‚
      If you have any other questions at all, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

  4. Hi Lisa,

    Just bought you pack, got it cause i wanted to make a portrait of my mom with her pomeranian
    and my cousin with her golden retriever but there is none.
    Also, will you make another figure for men and women which is between the thinner one and the medium figured one?

    Also, how to I merge these created portraits with one another without having to copy all the other layers?

    1. Hi Kim,

      So sorry to hear you are disappointed! I do try to include all the pets that are available in the pack in the previews as I know there are many breeds that aren’t included even though the set has 68 dogs. I am hoping to add more to the set in the coming months.

      You can find a quick tutorial on how to merge your portraits into one document here:
      Hope that helps! If you have any other questions at all, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

    1. Hi Nicole,

      At the moment there isn’t a pregnant woman character. I’m hoping to create additional characters in the near future that can be purchased separately, like a pregnant woman for example. πŸ™‚
      Let me know if you have any other questions.

        1. Hi Brandi,
          Thank you for your suggestion! I will definitely add it to my ever-growing list of requests – I try and include the most requested items in the upcoming updates.:)

    1. Hi Daniela,

      You’ll find instructions on how to apply patterns in Adobe Photoshop on the last page of the Instructions pdf file included, or you can find a video tutorial here. I’ll pop you an email shortly as well πŸ™‚

      1. I’m trying to upload through actions but it just takes me to each individual file and won’t let me select them? I could use some help getting the program onto photoshop!

        1. Hi Mikalea,

          Sorry to hear you are struggling. This is not an app or action, but rather photoshop documents you open up Photoshop, So once you have the folder of the Photoshop version expanded, navigate to the Portrait you’d like to work on. Select your file (like Woman body type 1 for example) and double click the .psd file to open in Photoshop. The .psd file should automatically open up once double clicked. But be sure that you are opening the .psd files and to the Illustratior files (.ai).
          The tutorial video above takes you through creating your first portrait. You can also read the PDF instructions included.
          Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.
          Thanks, Lisa

  5. I’m having a problem with any of the extras, (dogs, flowers, patterns). The only thing that will load into photoshop is the people and pre made backdrops. it wont let me drag and drop or open any of the others. Please help!!!

    1. Hi Mallorie,

      The extras for the Adobe Photoshop version are PNG files. These won’t open the usual way by double-clicking. So the best way to open them would be directly from Photoshop, which would be File > Open… then navigate to the item you’d like to open and click Open. From there you can drag their layer into your working doc so they appear as new layer in that document. Hope that helps!

  6. I just downloaded, and I don’t have any of the options for clothing that you show in your tutorial. πŸ™ I also don’t know how to change colors of things in PS as it’s different in the program you use. I’m doing my son currently and he’s got like 3 shirt options and either shorts, or pants. I don’t see any legging options for women either. πŸ™ Help.

    1. Hi Lindsey,

      The video tutorial takes you through changing colours of items in Adobe Photoshop at the 5:00min mark. Although most of the tutorial is in Adobe Illustrator, I do flip between Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator if the processes are different. So at around 5mins in you will see how to change the colour.

      To answer your clothing question, I used body type 2 of the woman in the tutorial. Body type 1 has slightly different clothing to body type 2 and 3 – these two were the newest bodies I added plus they have more outfits. I am hoping to add these same outfits to body type 1 in the new update.

      For the children, they won’t have as many outfits as the adults. I try and work on the most requested items in the updates and by far it’s always more outfits for the adults. But this is an ever expanding kit and I also add any suggestions I get to my list so if there’s anything specific you would like to see for the children please do send me your suggestions.

      Hope that answers your questions. If you have any other questions at all, please don’t hesitate to let me know.
      Happy creating your portraits!

    1. Hi Jenni,

      I will definitely add your suggestions to my ever-growing list of requests – I try and include the most requested items in the upcoming updates, or possibly create additional add-ons to purchase separately.

  7. Hi just purchased the PPC I am using it with PS CC. I downloaded initially worked on one portrait and had no problem I started a second person and I don’t have any options to personalize? Any ideas on what happened? I re-downloaded a second time to see if that would correct it but no avail. I cant double click on the body type to get the drop down additions. Any help would be appreciated!

    1. Hi Kelly,
      Sorry to hear you are struggling. When you double-clicked on the second portrait, are you sure you choose a PSD file and not an AI file? For Adobe Photoshop just be sure you are only opening up the files with the extension PSD. If you’ve managed to create one already, I can only think that it’s perhaps the wrong file you are trying to open. If you’re still struggling, please do send me an email and perhaps a screenshot of the files you are trying to open so I can assist you further. Email: Thank you.

  8. How do we change the color of the hair without losing the “strands” detail in the hair? When I fill in with another color, it becomes one solid color! I’ve had to work around this by selecting two different hair colors, changing the color in one of them, and then bringing down the opacity. Is there an easier way? (I’m using Photoshop.) Thanks!

    1. Hi Elle,

      You can use the Hue and Saturation tool in Adobe Photoshop or the Color Balance tool – you will find them both under Image > Adjustments. That way when you make adjustments you are adjusting all the elements on that layer and changing the hue of them as appose to filling over them with a flat colour.

      Hope that helps! Happy creating your portraits.

  9. Hi Lisa! I am having fun creating lots of people for my family. I thought all the adults had the option to have an arm out – but have only found it in a few places. Am I missing them, or is it limited? I look forward to new additions as you make them. I too would love military, pregnancy and some more dogs. (My sister has a rottwieler and while I can fake some dogs with a little editing – thats not one of them.)

    1. So happy your are enjoying creating your portraits! At this stage the new body types 2 and 3 don’t have the additional arm option, but I will be including that in the upcoming update. Also thank you for your suggestions, I will add your suggestions to my ever-growing list of requests – I try and include the most requested items in the upcoming updates.

  10. I am trying to change the clothing colors and I have the locked the transparent pixels like you said in the video (I’m using PS) but when I change the color, it is changing the entire piece of clothing.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi DeAnna, I tried to replicate your problem you mentioned so I could assist you better, and the only way that happens is if I don’t lock the pixels, or create a empty new layer that has nothing on it. So the only thing I can think of is you might not be locking the pixels on the actual layer you want to change. Or you are using the Edit > Fill menu instead of the colour overlay option in the layers panel.

      Be sure to select the layer you want to change and not the entire folder. And double check that the pixels are locked before applying the colour overlay. Hope that helps!

      1. Hi, Thank you for answering this question! How is that done by changing the color overlay? I was using the Edit, Fill option you have in the video, but it keeps changing the entire piece of clothing.

        1. Hi Sydney,

          You will find the color overlay effect in your Layers panel right at the bottom (the little fx symbol). Remember to only select the individual dress item and not the entire group, so expand the dress group and look for the dress layer, exclude the belt or button or other details otherwise it will change the colour of the entire outfit – have another look at the video to see which layer I selected. Once you have the correct layer selected, click on the fx at the bottom and choose color overlay. From the pop up you can select a new colour and click OK.
          Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Michelle,

      So sorry but unfortunately I can’t say for sure if it will work in CorelDraw as I don’t have the software. The Adobe Illustrator files in the kit have very complex layers and sub-layers, so I’m not sure if CorelDraw will retain that once imported which is crucial to creating the characters. If you have any other questions at all, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

    1. Hi Tracy,
      It is my dream to do that one day but it means creating an entirely new kit as I would need to offer various ages/characters. This current kit took over a year to create so it unfortunately comes down to my available time. But it is my wish to possibly offer that one day πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Lynn, Yes πŸ™‚ You need Adobe Photoshop CS3 or newer. If you have any other questions at all, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

  11. Loving it! I’d love to see a pit bull in the dogs in the future. My only complaint right now is that with women you have the choice between rail thin, round, and rounder. I’d love to see a little curvy. The size of body style #2 but with a waist more accurately matches most of the women in my life. But otherwise, this is such a fun set.

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      Not sure why I missed your comment, so sorry for the delayed response! The next update includes quite a number of new breeds, but no pit bulls for now I’m afraid, but I will definitely add a pit bull to my ever-growing list of breed requests πŸ™‚

      And thank you so much for your feedback regarding the body shapes. I really appreciate any and all comments so I can work on the most requested items for future add-ons or updates to make the product even better.
      Hope you continue to enjoy the kit!

  12. Hey Lisa, I absolutely love you Portrait Creator! I have not yet purchased it, but and very interested. I recently purchased a Cricut and feel fortunate to find your site! I wonder which program do you suggest is the best for a beginner? Adobe Illustrator or PhotoShop?

    1. Hi Angel,

      So happy you found my site too πŸ™‚ I would recommend Adobe Photoshop for a total beginner. It’s a little less overwhelming if you stick to the basic tools. If you want to challenge yourself Adobe Illustrator is a fantastic app to learn. In terms of graphics and editing graphics and clipart, it’s the best by far for vector work. Hope that helps!

  13. Hello there, so glad I found your page I am interested to purchase this. Will it work in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5? I tried to read through the threads but didn’t see it discussed. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Kinga,

      So happy to hear you are interested in the product! Unfortunately this kit won’t work in Lightroom. You need either Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop CS3-CC to use the files. Hope that answers your question.

      If you have any other questions at all, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

  14. I just purchased in Creative Market and want to say this is brilliant! So fun to play with!! Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful set of drawings.

    I also want to reiterate a request from above … I’d love to have the clothes options in woman’s body shape 2 and 3 available in woman’s body shape 1. For a ‘work around’, I copied the little black dress into a body shape 1, decreased the opacity so that I could see the body underneath, and just started erasing. Not perfect, but definitely fun to play with πŸ™‚

    Thanks again and p.s. you have a lovely accent πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Kasandra,

      You are so lovely and kind, I really appreciate your comments πŸ™‚ I’m thrilled to hear you are enjoying playing with the set. The good news is, I’m almost finished with an update that will include all the woman having the same clothing options. As well as all the man body shapes will have the same clothing options so you won’t need to work around that in the future πŸ™‚

      Hope you continue to enjoy creating your portraits!

  15. I purchased this last night nd I am currently using Photoshop CC 2018. Whenever I try to open the files I am only seeing the AI files and not the PSD files…not sure what I am doing wrong

    1. Hi Michelle,

      I sent you an email as well, just on case you miss the answer here. It sounds like you make be opening the folder for Adobe Illustrator. Once you’ve unzipped the main folder, you should see two main folder:

      You are only going to expand the Photoshop-CS3-CC folder. You could actually remove the Adobe Illustrator folder entirely if you aren’t going to ever use the Adobe Illustrator version on your computer.

      Once you expand the main Adobe Photoshop folder, this is what you should see:
      Preview of main product folder

      So all the files within the main folder called Photoshop-CS3-CC are the ones you will be using.

      Hope that helps! If you have any other questions at all, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

  16. Hi I have just purchased the portrait creator and keen to get started. It is not something I have used before in Photoshop, I am used to images. I am probably being a bit dumb but I cannot work out how to actually get the folders to open up in the Layers panel so I can get started. Can you please point me in the right direction. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Thank you so much for your purchase, it’s much appreciated! You can just simply double click on a portrait file with the extension .psd. In other words, you don’t need to import anything, just simply open up a portrait you want to work on like the Woman “Body_shape2_all_skin_types.psd” for example. Once you have that open in Adobe Photoshop, you can expand your layers panel and start playing around with turning layers on and off.

      I recommend you having a quick look through the PDF instructions as well that you’ll find in the download. It takes you through a step-by-step to create your first portrait/

      Hope that helps! Pop me an email if you still need help:

  17. Hello! I just bought this package and i’m so excited to get started! How do I combine more than one portrait to create a family portrait? Thanks for your help!


  18. Hi! I am LOVING playing with this. I’m just getting started by creating myself. Body is done and working on accessories. Is there a way to change the glasses color? I see that the kids have a dark medium sized frame but the woman has pink ones.

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