Playful palette: forage

This yummy colour palette is probably one of my favourites and one I use the most often. It has all my standard go-to colours I gravitate towards when designing – I have to talk myself out of using mustard as a background colour EVERY time I create something. This time mustard won the battle!

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Free desktop and mobile wallpaper: I am growing today

I woke up this morning thinking “Oh crap it’s already May!”? I had to consciously stop myself from freaking out about all the things I haven’t done on my to-do list yet! Isn’t it funny how we automatically focus on what we haven’t done yet, when instead we should be focusing on what we have […] View full article >

Playful palette: citrus flavour

Lately I’ve been using a lot of inky brush strokes in my work mixed with strong colour palettes. Similar to my Ink & Brush Botanical Collection. I love the loose nature of the shapes and how a simple suggestive stroke can actually reference a well known shape our brains recognise. It’s fun to push the […] View full article >

Playful palette: bunny-licious

Another fun palette that’s super versatile! In this Playful Palette I wanted to show the fun results if I interchanged the focus colour. Although the cute bunny is pretty much the same illustration, each colour combo has a different personality. It’s always exciting and interesting to see how colour has such an impact on an […] View full article >

Playful palette: ice-cream

I’m always drawn to cheerful palettes that remind me of the summers we had as kids.

One of the many chores I had growing up was gardening on most Saturdays with my older brother and sister. An activity we unanimously disliked!

But as a treat we were rewarded with an ice-cream after a hard day of grovelling in the dirt.

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